Drexel Shoes

Stylish, elegant and charismatic… Did you meet with imported footwear brand “Drexel” of Teorem Ayakkabı followed always admiringly with special designs? This brand, which provides a solution for those looking for the closest shoes brands to their own style, has been worked diligently for your wardrobe. If you care to combination of your outfit, Drexel Ayakkabı will meet your needs.

Teorem Ayakkabı designed to Drexel brand in the light of “know how” principle gained the time being since last 16 years and identified its target audience as Europe. The brand, which started its first works in 2013, stepped into shoes world in the last quarter of 2014 and got into world market without remaining only in the country. Drexel with uncompromising stance on quality continues to develop worldwide with 9 countries and 38 sales points.

Clothing may be a reflection of a reputation for you. Drexel closely fingering the pulse of the fashion will help you look the most stylish. Shoes, the most valuable part of a combination, will put a step forward your style with this brand. After making a correct selection of shoes model, your style will shape with small accessories.

Drexel Ayakkabı follows the changing of fashion trends in every season with either colour harmony or aesthetic cuts. Designs which do not leave out modern details for series of the leather shoes are admiringly demanded in the windows of many stores in Europe. The brand collection, which has been on the shelves in our country since 2015, managed to get full marks from especially customers who prefer sports group. The brand, which is in preparation of 2016 summer season for Turkey, is preparing to a broad and ambitious collection for enthusiastic.

Drexel footwear brand added to Fuel, which is special brand of Teorem Ayakkabı, is performing all production of leather group with domestic production in our country. It is performing the advanced technology and high quality production of sport shoes in the Far East. You can also go and explore the most popular shoe models in Teorem Ayakkabı. If you are looking for the designs that can’t able to seen similar ones you are in the right place.