New trend: Linen Shoes

Here comes Teorem Ayakkabı with new designs of end of summer creations! We took specific products to bring together with you as a mission and making a new touch to Fuel Ayakkabı brand, we designed the linen collection. New linen collection of Fuel Ayakkabı became integrated with the most vivid colours of the year of 2015.

New linen shoes collection following the success in sport shoes collection of Teorem Ayakkabı took place as the most widely used models of this summer and spring seasons. New shoes trends in every colours and pattern of Fuel Ayakkabı brand was remarkable in quality materials such in models.

Linen collection is much more durable than other type of fabric, especially more than cotton. The reason of more preferable than other models in summer seasons is large porous structures helping to keep shoes cool and airing of the shoes. As Teorem Ayakkabı we took care of using first quality linen materials for shoes considering to value of domestic production. Our linen shoes coloured with natural colouring techniques receiving a great deal of attention in international market as well as in leather and sport shoes categories and also took already place in 2016 creations.

This new shoes model which marked to 2015 summer season and indispensable for linen lovers seems to have already become a favourite for many users. Only needed part to complete your combination is your shoes. Linen collection of Fuel Ayakkabı will go with your style this summer and fall. Linen shoes going with under an elegance and sport shirt or colourful models that you complete with jean… Linen collection of Fuel Ayakkabı meets your needs in any case with women and men shoes models. If you haven’t met yet with Fuel Ayakkabı which are choice for those who want to feel comfortable with the quality linen shoes, do not be late for this comfort.