Drexel Shoes Models are at World Standards for Quality and Health!

Drexel shows care to your health as you do. Drexel works carefully for your feet, which is the most important part of your body.

As you know, foot health is one of the most sensitive parts of personal hygiene. If you consider the time spent for standing, walking or running within the day, you will realize that your feet require the most comfortable and hygienic shoes.  At this point, adopting human health in its shoe design, Drexel tests the import shoes for showing importance to the ergonomics.

We test each model of shoe to present you our imported shoes with care and continue your confidence on us. These controls, which are carried out in special laboratories, involve Phthalates and Azo tests. As Drexel, a pair of shoes from all colors of each models is subject to these tests As Drexel, we firstly test our shoes and then load them.

We measure the quality of cloth of our shoes with phthalates test.

The shoes are disassembled in detail in these tests, which are also called material tests. Thereafter, each part is tested with burning, dissolution in liquid and measuring chemical reaction. As a result of the tests, conducted by SGS, the products are subject to different tests in the event of occurring different values set by the Turkish Standards Institute. There are different tests for leather, cotton, nylon mixed fabrics in the tests changing according to the type of the cloth. Drexel yields successful results in these tests.

We measure the dye quality of our shoes with Azo test.

Azo test, known as the dye test, checks as to whether shoes contain forbidden and carcinogenic dyestuff. In fact, Azo dyes are the name of the essential dye group, used in the textile products; however, some azo dye substances give way to carcinogenic and allergic amines. At this point, dye of your shoe is checked with these tests.

Containing 39 tests in total within it, these tests are conducted by the SGS and applied for each part from press, shoelace in innersole and press and entire lining at the back and read.