Teorem Ayakkabı Enters Women’s Shoes Category with Arya Ayakkabı

The company “Teorem Ayakkabı” which successfully finished 2015 with the mission of not compromising on the quality, elegance and health, promptly began 2016 and is going to provide consumers modern designs and new projects. The company possessing a 17-year know-how and more than one thousand dealers in the country and abroad continues to make the contribution to economy of Turkey. “Teorem Ayakkabı” which always combines comfort and quality to meet approval of target consumers, advances in step with technology and renews itself; in 2016, the company accelerated it’s work with “Arya Ayakkabı” in women’s shoes segment.

“Arya Ayakkabı” began its feasibility studies in 2013 and met with the consumer for the first time in 2015. The fashion which is the most important parameter in category of women’s shoes finds the embodiment in style of the “Arya Ayakkabı”. “Teorem Ayakkabı” reflecting the experience gained from the Drexel and Fuel brands comes to the rescue of the consumers who are looking for footwear of any style with “Arya Ayakkabı”.
As we repeatedly mentioned earlier, the brands of “Teorem Ayakkabı” are Drexel and Fuel whereas Oxley is the brand of “Arya Ayakkabı”. The footwear which is an irreplaceable attribute of women’s special occasions waits for consumers with Oxley. Besides, the consumers wishing to carry on high-heeled shoes daily can feel the energy and comfort at their toe tips. Presently, as interest in women’s shoes increases with growth e-commerce, “Arya Ayakkabı” meets women’s demands for qualitative footwear with ergonomic design.

Reliability for Children’s Footwear

“Teorem Ayakkabı” isn’t limited to categories of men’s and women’s shoes, and is beginning to work on its new brand, “Vesta” for kids. It is possible to choose sports shoes, daily or classical footwear for kids among the “Teorem Ayakkabı” brands. The company attaching significance to quality and health of the person and never conceding in quality and ergonomics, prepares for innovations in category of kids footwear.

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