Teorem Ayakkabı to Expand its Export Volume

Having started with Fuel in 1999 and gained momentum with Drexel in 2013 for growth, Teorem Ayakkabı has added Oxley brand to women shoes category in 2015 and aims to enter into children shoes category with Vesta Ayakkabı, whose infrastructure and feasibility have just been worked out. Teorem Ayakkabı has entered into the e-commerce sector with Drexel during this growth process, demanding market share in B2C.

Continuing its successes by growing the domestic sales and production channels, Teorem Ayakkabı aims to grow the import and export volume. En route to growing export volume, it has closer ties with Germany, which is among the countries of sale. It is about to enter into agreement with a company of luxury brand, selling majority of its products online and having a great trading volume in Germany. Another important point is that the exported shoes will be sold under the brand of Drexel. This business development process will not only contribute to our brand investments for Drexel and but also to the Turkish economy.

As Teorem Ayakkabı, our 2016 objects are mainly to expand our export volume, to extend our shoes category, to provide high quality customer and vendor satisfaction, to ensure foot health and to manufacture comfortable and trendy shoes. We are providing support to achieve this with investments in our brands and producers and know the importance of production and brand value.

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