The Aim is to Maintain Success in 2017 Summer Season!

We have left a pretty successful first half behind reaching our goals for 2016 by adding our e-commerce web site, a new generation trading channel, to our franchise services. Recently, when we have completed 2017 winter operations, we have also completed 2017 summer collection and started to provide service for our distributors. Comfortable and light shoes trend we caught in these collections are also reflected to our 2017 collection.

New models and colors are added to linen group in our 2017 summer collection.Furthermore, R&D activities implemented in linen group production added even more quality to our products. Our goal in this context is to increase the number of pairs sold in the previous year.

Our import models have excelled in sales also in sports shoes category. We aim to import more colors and models to release with a larger product range in 2016 winter and 2017 summer seasons.

There are also pretty good developments taking place in leather shoes category, which we value even more with e-commerce. In this period, we continue to work with A+ quality local producers. We sell these quality leather shoes on our e-commerce site with favorable price strategy.

Consequently, our aim in 2017 summer season is to let both our dealers and consumers have our foot friendly, qualified and ergonomic shoes with favorable price goal using our relevant sales channels and step for better.

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