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The Aim is to Maintain Success in 2017 Summer Season!

We have left a pretty successful first half behind reaching our goals for 2016 by adding our e-commerce web site, a new generation trading channel, to our franchise services. Recently, when we have completed 2017 winter operations, we have also completed 2017 summer collection and started to provide service for our distributors. Comfortable and light […]

Teorem Shoes to Start Online Sales with Drexel

We would like to start with the share and statistics of the Clothing-Shoes category in the Turkey e-commerce pool. “According to the Informatics Industry Association (TÜBİSAD) data, e-commerce in Turkey has grown 35% in the last 7 years and when we examine categorical growth, it is clear that clothing and shoes have grown by 48%.”

New trend: Linen Shoes

Here comes Teorem Ayakkabı with new designs of end of summer creations! We took specific products to bring together with you as a mission and making a new touch to Fuel Ayakkabı brand, we designed the linen collection. New linen collection of Fuel Ayakkabı became integrated with the most vivid colours of the year of […]

Drexel Shoes

Stylish, elegant and charismatic… Did you meet with imported footwear brand “Drexel” of Teorem Ayakkabı followed always admiringly with special designs? This brand, which provides a solution for those looking for the closest shoes brands to their own style, has been worked diligently for your wardrobe. If you care to combination of your outfit, Drexel […]