The Aim is to Maintain Success in 2017 Summer Season!

We have left a pretty successful first half behind reaching our goals for 2016 by adding our e-commerce web site, a new generation trading channel, to our franchise services. Recently, when we have completed 2017 winter operations, we have also completed 2017 summer collection and started to provide service for our distributors. Comfortable and light shoes trend we caught in these collections are also reflected to our 2017 collection.

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Teorem Ayakkabı to Expand its Export Volume

Having started with Fuel in 1999 and gained momentum with Drexel in 2013 for growth, Teorem Ayakkabı has added Oxley brand to women shoes category in 2015 and aims to enter into children shoes category with Vesta Ayakkabı, whose infrastructure and feasibility have just been worked out. Teorem Ayakkabı has entered into the e-commerce sector with Drexel during this growth process, demanding market share in B2C. Read More


New trend: Linen Shoes

Here comes Teorem Ayakkabı with new designs of end of summer creations! We took specific products to bring together with you as a mission and making a new touch to Fuel Ayakkabı brand, we designed the linen collection. New linen collection of Fuel Ayakkabı became integrated with the most vivid colours of the year of 2015. Read More

Teorem Ayakkabı-Fuel

Fuel Shoes

The time has come for you to take a look at the varierty of the shoes you have in your wardrobe with the coming of the summer months. While you are thinking to choose your shoes, Teorem Ayakkabı which plans best for your elgancy will continue to finger the pulse of the fashion with the brands Drexel and Fuel. The shoe collection which is renewed for each season will gain appreciation this summer as well with its domestic production and quality service.

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